No One is Trying to Stop You From Saying “Gay” Part 1

Part of this video from Michael Knowles is really terrible.

The part that I find sad starts at 8:06. It’s a Tik Tok video by a teacher in Florida. Flashing on the screen while she talks is a series of messages, “We Still Say Gay”, “We Stll Say Trans”, “We Still Say Bi”, “We Still Say Lesbian” and “We Still Say LGBTQ+”.

Which shows, for starters, that she hasn’t even read the legislation that she’s go upset about.

You remember in 2017, when the American Health Care act was proposed, how the media pushed the narrative, very successfully I might add, that the legislation made rape a preexisting condition when in fact it didn’t? It was frustrating, but I understood that most people didn’t have time to read the over fourteen-hundred page legislation.

The Parental Rights in Education Act, inaccurately dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” by the media, is seven pages long. With the header, footer and margins, it’s a very quick read. All these people are upset about something which isn’t actually in the legislation. At all. All they’d have to do to see that it’s not in the legislation is spend about five minutes checking into it.

This woman thinks that she can’t say gay thanks to a deceitful media.
The really sad part starts around the 8:30. She talks about how, at the beginning of the semester, they send out a “meet the teacher” form. This woman comes to tears, upset, because she thinks she can’t talk about the fact that she’s married to a woman.

What the legislation actually does is prohibits:

“a school district from encouraging classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a specified manner”.

There is nothing which says she can’t tell parents about her marriage, or her sexual orientation, if that’s what she wants to do. She wouldn’t be talking about it in a classroom to the kids and that is the only limitation the bill puts on talking about sexuality. Alternatively, she could talk about other aspects of her life. A person’s sexuality is only a small part of who they are.

When I was in school, I didn’t know the marital status of most of my teachers. It’s possible they were all in same-sex marriages, or married to trans individuals. I genuinely don’t know.

I do not understand why these people feel so compelled to share this very personal aspect of themselves with the public at large. I don’t particularly want to know about her same-sex marriage. I wouldn’t particularly want to know about her heterosexual marriage, if that’s what she was in. If it is such an important part of her life, shouldn’t s he take the time to read the seven page bill that she thinks is limiting her ability to discuss her sexuality to understand what it actually says?

It’s not entirely her fault that she’s misinformed. The media and leftist activists are the people pushing this false narrative. If they hadn’t been spreading false information, there wouldn’t be so many people upset by something that isn’t actually happening. But, they’re only partly to blame. The information is out there. People shouldn’t be checking for themselves. Especially if they think it’s affecting their lives. Especially an educator.

It’s also worth noting – so many people go on about how terrible Fox News is. Fox is the only major network who has reported honestly and accurately about this legislation since it was proposed. This is not a matter of opinion and it is easy to check. Read the legislation, watch Fox’s coverage of the legislation and read or watch the coverage the bill is getting elsewhere. Fox has been telling the truth about it while other news outlets have misled and done so in a manner that is guaranteed to upset people and perpetuate a carefully crafted narrative about Republican politicians and voters.

If you haven’t read the Parental Rights in Education Act, I encourage you to do so. You will find that its contents are not what have been widely reported. You might also find that it’s not so terrible. The majority of voters, even Democrat voters, support the legislation once they have been accurately informed of its contents.

The entirety of this bill, all seven pages, can be found here:

Please don’t let yourself be misled by corporate media. Oppose the bill if you disagree with it, but oppose it for what it actually says, not what it’s being inaccurately reported as saying.

Check back soon for the second part of my thoughts on this legislation where I talk about how the false media narrative is making Hollywood look like it’s full of morons. Again.

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