Hillary and Satan: a Match Made in Heaven

This is maybe the best quote from a new article I’ve read in a couple of weeks, and since I spend 6-8 hours/day reading news, that’s saying something. It’s nice as well that the author included links to references for all his major points. I don’t trust all media sources blindly, but any opinion is made stronger by showing some sort of support for it.
“George Soros is a great place to start because he’s so evil and awful and everyone loves a good story about Satan – especially Satan’s ties with the Clintons.”
The rest of the article is good too. It’s a little too sure of its facts (which, ironically, is a problem these days, with all the information we have access to. Including conflicting information. Paradox is reality. Deal with it) but at least he can provide a supporting argument, with references. So few people even try anymore (which is weird these days, with all the information we have access to. More paradox. Sorry).
Also, comparing CNN to a dumpster fire is a comparison which hadn’t occurred to me, but one which I find extremely appropriate.
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