No One is Trying to Stop You From Saying “Gay” Part 1

Part of this video from Michael Knowles is really terrible. The part that I find sad starts at 8:06. It’s a Tik Tok video by a teacher in Florida. Flashing on the screen while she talks is a series of messages, “We Still Say Gay”, “We Stll Say Trans”, ( more… )

Revisiting and Revising

It’s time for a change. When I started this site, I wanted to write about politics and current events. I wanted to branch off and talk a little about my checkered past and maybe write the occasional short-story, just for variety. My priorities have changed a bit in the last ( more… )

Hillary the Preacher

So this happened this morning. Notice I didn’t tag the Church of Satan in any way. But the fact that they just popped up and responded within minutes kind of gives them a dark mystique. Very amusing. View Original Post on Twitter     Facebook Comments

Open Letter to Terrorists.

Dear Terrorists; You know what’s better than blowing things up and shooting people for a twisted concept of faith? Pretty much everything. Something else really cool about all those other things: most of them don’t require you to die a brutal death when you do them. Waterslides, for example. Lots ( more… )

The Goblins of Zimbabwe

As is often the case, the other day I was telling someone about something, but have forgotten who. In this case, it was the goblins in Zimbabwe. Odd stuff there. Various media sources frequently have stories about all kinds of supernatural occurrences, some more believable than others. And some, believable ( more… )